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Perhaps you heard that we had an unusual flash flooding incident in Louisville on Tuesday, August 4?  It made the national news.  It’s not everyday that parts of the city receive 6 1/2 inches of rain in an hour!  This storm just hung over the city and wouldn’t budge.  The dark clouds poured it on and we experienced serious flooding damage.  I haven’t been to the Falls this week, but I’m really curious to see what’s different.  Is my studio under the willows still there?  Are there new materials washed up?  I had water come into my house via the basement and roof and so I have been busy with that.  My problems have been minor compared to some and so for that I’m thankful.  It’s just another meteorological moment in what continues to be the oddest of years.  For now,  I’m treading water ” blog-ilogically” and rather than offer you a brief interlude of pre-recorded music will submit these images instead.  I always have more photos than I can post.  This occasion gives me the chance to show the ever changing landscape around the Falls of the Ohio.  These are images from July 2009.

The Falls looking east, 7/09

Looking east, I like the way the railing on this handicap accessible ramp echos the hard lines in the bridge beyond.  A visitor contemplates the exposed fossil beds below the Interpretive Center.

Activity on the fossil rocks, 7/09

Activity on the Fossil beds, 7/09

People on fossil beds, 7/09

Looking at this trio of images reminds me of the 19Th century painter Georges Seurat.  Perhaps it’s the frieze-like quality of the trees and the people absorbed in their own forms of river recreation?  So far this year, this was the most extensive exposure of the fossil beds.  I heard the other day that we have had a ridiculous 20 inches of rain over the past couple of months.  I wonder if our annual precipitation record is at risk this year?

Logs, view west, 7/09

These logs have been rolled against other downed trees in the water.  It’s the grinding action of water and wave that peels the bark and knocks off the branches.  In this way, trees are reduced to being straight logs.  I’ll end with another view of the Ohio River flowing westward.  Several hundred miles to go before entering the Mississippi River.

River flowing westward, 7/09

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High water, 5/09

The river has pretty much crested and now it’s a matter of waiting for the water to recede.  Of course, all bets are off if we receive any more sustained downpours.  I know this is only anecdotal, but it seems everything is a weather event these days.  What ever happened to the gentle, soaking rains free of high winds and hail?  high water, 5/09


The river may be muddy, but I do love the clarity of the air after a big storm moves through the valley.  It’s air as it should be, which is more than we can say about the water.  All manner of artificial debris is floating around with the bark rolled off the logs.  I bet I’ve seen ten plastic barrels go by the last three days.  Lots of people have been curious about the river and for the most part the fishing has been good too.  I’m getting that feeling that the spring migration is coming to a close and I can concentrate on making art again.

Styrofoam cache, 5/09

The above image is the largest of three caches of polystyrene foam I have hidden in the woods prior to this flood.  It doesn’t matter now because I’m sure that most of this is gone.  This site was swamped by water and I might come across some of this stuff later.  I was hoping to make a few more larger figures, but I will have to wait.  I will wager that since I started this project I have lost over a dozen such collections to the river.  As much of this stuff as I have removed from the park…there will always be more after the next inundation.wildflower reflections, 5/09


For now, I will explore what else the park has to offer and see if a few stray migratory birds have lingered in the interior.  I’m still hoping to see that pelican again.  The water will recede and the land will dry out.  The landscape will be rearranged and the drama of change is part of the fun…that and checking out the latest oddities to be washed up in the park.  As for the Styrofoam, what was lost is too easily replaced.floating Styrofoam, 5/09

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