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This post is actually to announce a new collection that I have added to my pages section.  It’s more of an experiment…an idea that I have had for a while and only just now put it together.  Plastic bottles are objects that I have been photographing at the Falls of the Ohio for a couple of years now.  I see so many of these that I decided to order my image collection roughly by what color the bottles are.  I remember seeing works by Tony Cragg that were made with fine gradations of colored plastic in fact our local Speed Museum used to exhibit one in their permanent collection.  So, I guess I’m counting his work among the influences for this piece along with your standard box of crayons!  Most of these bottles originally contained soap solutions (laundry detergent, shampoo, dish washing liquid) or various car care products (oil, anti-freeze, gas treatments, etc…).  Of course, since they are all made of plastic, they are also derived from petroleum.  I think the best way to view this collection is to stroll down fairly quickly.  I think I will try to add to this collection as I go along throughout my Falls of the Ohio Project and see where it goes.  Look under my Pages section and look for the Plastic Bottle Color Spectrum tag.  Thanks!

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A couple of weekends a go, I was doing my thing by the river and noticing that there were more plastic bottles and containers that had washed up than I was used to seeing.  And so, I started taking pictures of them.

For this post, I thought I would show you just the blue bottles I came across.  They are arranged from simplest to complex and form an evolution of sorts.  With its hour-glass, pinched waist form, the bottle above has a decidedly feminine presence.  I wonder if the product it originally contained was meant to appeal to women in some way?

The next step in the evolution of this form is the appearance of a handle.  Without their original labels, which came off in the river, I’m guessing that many of these plastic bottles originally held dishwashing or laundry soaps?

Here you can see that the handle has become a bit more “sophisticated” and goes just past the point of being strictly utilitarian.  And now for the next phase of our blue-bottle evolution.

Here’s one with a bit more of a design element.  By strategically placing a hole in the center of this bottle…it now has two handles!  What will they think of next?

To further appeal to consumers, creating figurative bottles that have nothing to do with how the product is dispensed is an effective strategy.  This seahorse bottle is fairly large and I’m going to guess it once held bubble bath solution?  I suppose it is also meant to be collectible?  On the same day I unfortunately found all these bottles, I also recorded others of various sizes, shapes, and colors.  Look for those images in my pages section soon!  I know you can’t wait for that one!!

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