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Holly Allee, Yew Dell Gardens, 5/09

Yew Dell Gardens is the polar opposite of the landscape I usually site my art.  Where I’m used to the flux and drama of the Ohio riverscape…at Yew Dell Gardens…man is the measure.  It is a lovely and ordered experience walking around the various interesting buildings and admiring the skill of the gardeners.  From a previous post, I have accepted an invitation to exhibit one of my works in Yew Dell Gardens’ 2nd Annual Sculpture in the Dell show.  The opening night was as perfect as weather in our area gets which is so important to the success of a mostly outdoor show.  Following are a few images of the 60 or so works on display.  Yew Dell did a wonderful job placing the work, creating a nice printed program with map, artist statements, and price list. 

Meg White's "Sea Lion", 5/09

Kentucky sculptor Meg White has three limestone works on display including this “Sea Lion”.  Meg has built a solid reputation on her carvings and bronzes of animal subjects.  She likes to incorporate the matrix of the stone as part of the work’s content.

"Warped Frame, Tom Butsch, 5/09

One of my favorite works in the show is Tom Butsch’s “Warped Frame” which hangs from an unseen tree branch.  It’s such a simple work consisting of aluminum tubes and steel cable.  The center tube pivots in the slightest breeze and makes a nice tone when it strikes the frame.  I like his statement about not wanting to create an object as much as providing an ongoing visual experience.  Over the years, he has made many kinetic pieces.

"Abraham Lincoln", Raymond Graf, 5/09

Lincoln was born in Kentucky and this year we are celebrating the bicentennial of this event.  This over-lifesize bronze bust is by Raymond Graf.  I think this is one of the more compelling images of the great president I have seen.  It sits on a nice limestone pedestal with the name “Lincoln” insribed on it.  Graf’s bronze portraits are well known in our area.

Falls Scarecrow in Kitchen Garden, 5/09

Here’s the back of my scarecrow…like the red reflector butt cheeks?  When I delivered this piece, the kitchen garden didn’t yet exist.  It should be fun watching how this site changes over the two month course of the exhibition.  What I didn’t show were all the people who attended this event.  I have a habit of waiting for people to get out the shot before taking the picture!  I have other Yew Dell Garden images and will try to post them as time goes by… www.yewdellgardens.org

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Falls of the Ohio Scarecrow, 5/09

Delivered my piece today for Yew Dell Gardens 2nd Annual “Sculpture in the Dell” invitational.  I was honored to be asked even though my work doesn’t fit the standard of what garden art generally looks like.  I asked if there was a garden on the grounds that could use a scarecrow and as it happens…a new kitchen garden was being installed.  I recycled an earlier spring project and turned it into this work the “Falls of the Ohio Scarecrow”.  I changed the arms and added a few new elements.  Should be fun to watch as this work grows with the garden over the next two months.  The show’s dates are May 30 – August 2, 2009.

Yew Dell's stone castle, 5/09

Yew Dell Gardens is in Crestwood, KY and originally was a private home, garden, and arboretum of the late nurseryman Theodore Klein.  The 33-acre garden has been restored and is now a not for profit organization.  There are many wonderful structures on the property and the best known is the Stone Castle, originally conceived as a pool house.  It’s a marvel of fieldstone construction.  You can learn more about Yew Dell by visiting their website:  www.yewdellgarden.org 

Don Lawler sculpture, Yew Dell, 5/09

Here’s a nice work by my friend Don Lawler on Yew Dells’  property.  This giant hand is carved from a block of limestone and commands the setting it is in.  This sculpture was a part of last year’s show.

Matt Weir, installing at Yew Dell, 5/09

Here’s sculptor Matt Weir installing his work for the show.  He is one of many friends participating in this outdoor exhibition.  I will post more from Yew Dell Gardens during the run of the invitational.

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