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Deaf man...with ear trumpetA beautiful spring day and a perfect time to sit by the river.  The greening trees are alive with the fresh colors of migratory birds.  Somewhere off in the distance is a sound or more accurately a vibration that piques your interest.  Since the hearing is going you need something to focus the sound.

Deaf Man with ear trumpet

Where would you be without your trusty ear trumpet?  You have come to rely upon it like a conduit to your brain and an aid for your memory.

the ear trumpet

A smile comes across your face as the vibration becomes more audible.  It’s enough of a hint for you to recall the sound of…

diesel engines 5/09… diesel engines crossing over the bridge………. Alright, so it won’t win any literary prizes, but it was fun to do.  The train picture is recent, but the figure is long gone…was it last  year or the one before that?  I think I need something to focus my memory too.  This figure, as usual, is made from various found elements…polystyrene foam, driftwood, and plastic.  The nose I remember was the handle of a broken paint brush.  One of the eyes is a fishing bobber and the other…who knows?  I thought the found bottle of sports drink added a nice color note.  This piece was up for awhile, before it was carried away by a flood.

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