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The Ohio River is currently on the rise.  I think by now, the plein air studio I’ve been using all these past months is under water.  I’m sure the next time I walk this landscape it will have been rearranged.  With spring coming this will be a new place once again and with it a new cycle of debris and artifacts will have washed ashore.  I was looking through several months of images shot at the Falls of the Ohio and chose more pictures of toys that I have come across.  I’ll end this post with a bonus feature!

And now for the bonus!!  Usually after a flood it is common to find logs and sticks that have been snagged by trees as in the above image.  On occasion the retreating waters deposit other objects like strange fruits for me to find.  Here are a couple more found toys that illustrate this.

Here’s the last toy in three images.  Thanks, and see you after the flood.

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