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Wow, what an incredible day yesterday was!  The weather was just perfect and I had the park to myself and I took full advantage of it.  The river is still a little higher than usual, but not as high as when Julia and I visited here last trip.  I made four Styrofoam figures and took a ton of pictures that I will show you over the course of the week.  Let’s start by me introducing Mr. Easter Island Man who has graciously agreed to share his day with us.  He was in town taking a break from being a tourist attraction and was himself on vacation in the river city.  Here’s something to help set the context.

Two recent events have shaped the environment at the park.  The first is all the rain we had that led to flooding and depositing massive amounts of driftwood and junk at the Falls.  The other is that Spring has more than taken a hold and you can feel Summer coming around the corner.  Everything is green, growing, and starting to feel jungle-like in places.

Skirting the driftwood mounds, I moved down to the river by the willow habitat.   Wisps of willow fuzz gently wafted on the air currents and small drifts were forming in the nooks and crannies of the driftwood.  Butterflies were on the wing. The trees were home to several warbler species and I was challenged to create a few good photos of them.  Punctuating the landscape were the occasional blue plastic barrels.  It seemed  a particularly strong color note in amongst the natural organic hues and tones.

We also see barrels and drums that are all white or all black every once in a while.  Ran into a guy not too long a go that collected a few of these plastic drums and he said he was going to make a raft from them.  I wonder if he was successful?  Hopefully, he didn’t try to take a float trip with the river as high as it was.  It’s dangerous to get caught in the wake from a massive coal barge cruising down river in a craft you can’t manuever very well.

Every wonder what those Easter Island sculptures look like below their giant heads?  Buried beneath the sand is an equally blocky body.  We walked around some more to see what had changed since our last visit?


Near the dam, you could find examples of how high the river got this time around.  Mr. Easter Island Man came across this staircase that became lodged in a willow.  In surrounding trees, plastic trash bags, and loose tree limbs were stranded in other branches.  The mud in this area was very soft and it was easy to sink down to your ankles in it.  You needed to plot your course in advance and take advantage of walking on the tops of the beached  logs.  This way, you also left fewer tracks behind.

Small waves were still slapping the shoreline and fresh junk was arriving by the second.  In a few days, the Ohio River will go down some more and another layer will have been deposited.  Mr. Easter Island Man was collecting beat-up fishing lures and bobbers.  He spotted a blue plastic crate in the surf zone, but when he checked it out, it was already broken. 

Not to far ahead, something else colorful had caught his eye.  It was a yellow and blue foam glider that rode in on the waves and was now drying out with the driftwood.  Something like this is too cool to just leave lying around and Mr. Easter Island Man collected it and made it his own.

Examining the soft airplane, it appeared to be undamaged.  Lifting the toy he cocked his arm and said before he threw it…now let’s see what this baby can do!  More from the Falls later this week including a rare sighting of the enigmatic riverine predator…the Feralocitor.

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