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My Foaming Brain, 5/09

May is just about history.  Despite a wet beginning, rallied to become a rose of a month.  I was outside as much as I could get away to make art and watch nature.  In retrospect, I did make quite a few objects and images that having this blog helped boost along.  My latest river figure I’ve entitled “My Foaming Brain” is as much a reflection of what’s going on inside my head as it is a document of what I’m finding at this place along the Ohio River.  I haven’t decided yet whether the foam is entering or leaving this figure’s head.  I’ll leave that open for you to decide.

tree on wier dam, 5/09

Remains of the “mini-flood” are evident all around.  Here’s a tree washed away from the riverbank just hanging on the wier dam in the eastern part of the park.  Once the river level drops, many logs and other debris become stranded on the top of the wall.  And, there they will stay until the next high water lifts them off.  Meanwhile, all manner of other river carried flotsam and jetsam is building up behind the wall like barbarians at the gate.

Cracking mud, 5/09

Don’t let the cracks deceive you…this mud is very much wet.  If you step on it… you will sink to your ankles!  My Falls shoes are now a complete ruin because of this mud’s sole-sucking quality.  I wear my most beat up clothing when I come out here and I’m sure that more than one visitor must have thought I was a homeless person living by the river.  I have come across signs in the mud where I can tell that a person’s feet were gripped so hard that they fell forward and left hand prints as well.

The Exhibit, 5/09

I believe this ties a record for me.  There are five figures sitting on informal exhibition in the park that haven’t been disturbed.  Usually, my pieces get discovered, taken or destroyed.  All of them have been featured in this month’s blog.  I did, however, keep the birds I made.  This weekend, there are several river sweeps and clean-ups going on ( some involving friends from the Living Lands and Rivers crew) and it should be interesting to see if these sculptures survive.  Will they be considered trash or treasure?  I think of what I do here as a form of “repackaging”…it goes along with those other “r-words”…reuse, recycle, rethink, rebuild, rebound, re-etc……..

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