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Annie on Earth Day

It’s officially Earth Day and my friend Annie and fellow artist/standardized patient (a topic for a later time) went to the Falls today to be out in nature.  After several cold and wet days we received one that’s  a winner.  In the spirit of collaboration we combed the riverbank and brought our finds together to create this Mother Earth image and child.

Mother Earth and Child, 4/09

Here’s the finished result which is colorful if not disturbing!  It was fun to make and includes various foams, plastics, driftwood, bark, grass to name a few of the found materials. We left the figures next to a driftwood structure (one of two we came across today) and it looks like home to me.  Here are the before and after shots.  Happy Earth Day!

found wood structure/4/09

Mother Earth, child, driftwood structure, 4/09

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