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Duct tape ball in situ at the Falls of the Ohio

At first it looked like any other ball among the wood chips and I almost passed it by.  After all, balls are the most common toy that I find at the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  But something told me to look more closely at this one and that’s when I noticed the network of filaments that were eroding away on the surface of this silvery sphere.  Picking it up, I then realized I was holding something different and to my mind and eye a bit more fascinating too.  Yes, it is a ball, but one made from duct tape!

handmade ball collection

Over the years I have found several other handmade balls made from different materials and they always elicit wonder in me as artifacts.  There is something in the human need to create form from formlessness that is at the root of creativity and can be seen in this eccentric collection.  I think this can happen reflexively too without deep thought being involved. The largest of these balls would fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and is slightly smaller than an American baseball.  Since most of them are made from various tapes…I’m guessing they are the waste products of work.  What began as something relatively flat gets transformed by the mind and hand into a fully satisfying three-dimensional object that you can grasp, throw, or roll.  For me, there is something appealing art-like in these objects which began life as one thing and by shifting its original purpose and function becomes something entirely different.

two found duct tape balls

Here are two duct tape balls I have found by the river.  The one on the left is pictured on the wood chips and its partner has vestiges of dried paint or primer on its surface.  The spheres are created by layering one flat piece of tape over another until a ball is formed.  It is not necessary to create a ball to dispose of this waste tape, but this is what their makers did…and then it wound up in the river which is yet again another story to ponder.

two balls made from electrical tape

These two balls are made from stretchy electrical tape and are tight and dense.  I remember that the very first handmade ball I found was also made from this smooth black tape.  When my eldest son was a small boy and needed a project to do involving recycled materials… I helped him construct this circus pull toy from materials found at the river.

recycled materials circus toy with handmade tape ball

At the heart of this toy is a handmade ball made from electrical tape.  My son thought this would make a great prop for a circus lion to stand on while it jumped through a flaming hoop!  Of course, the only fire we actually used came from our imaginations.  The yellow plastic lion was also found at the river and has a nice oily patina on it that comes from being in the river for a while.  Here’s a smaller ball made from green tape.

ball made from green plastic tape  I’m sure people are making balls from paper-based tapes too, but these don’t survive being exposed to the elements for very long.

peeling cellophane tape ball

This ball made with cellophane tape is barely holding together.  It’s surface is fragile and the adhesive is losing its bond.  As it starts to peel apart, sand caught between the layers is released.

compressed aluminum foil balls


The four balls pictured here are made from compressed aluminum foil.  Perhaps they were used for cooking and once their original purpose was over, the owners rolled the foil around the palms of their hands like one would do to form a ball from either clay or snow.  The funny thing about aluminum foil and the river is that the water somehow squeezes it even more and the ball becomes denser and more solid.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at this rare and somewhat tongue in cheek odd ball collection where the sum is definitely greater than the parts!  Spring will be arriving soon and the Ohio River is calling…until next time.

electrical tape balls

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It’s not everyday that you come across a conceptual hot dog and so I couldn’t resist recording this image.  What follows next are some recent river treasures I’ve discovered on my wanderings throughout the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  We haven’t had any flooding recently which is the easiest and quickest way to find stuff.  I still subscribe to the theory that the objects you are meant to find call you on a subliminal level.  I will happen by some spot and for some unvoluntary reason  will look down and there “it” is!  Here are a few more lucky finds courtesy of the cosmos. 

The majority of what I’m going to present in this post are toys.  Take for instance this bright yellow toy truck that rode in with the river’s waves and nearly buried itself in the sand.  The yellow color practically screams!

For those of you who occasionally follow this blog might recognize that I have photographed many of the petrol containers that I have come across.  Those images can be found in my special collections area under the About section. To me, gasoline is one of those substances that define the times we live in.  By far, this is the smallest such container I’ve come across and has a treasured place on my windowsill with other favorite finds.

For awhile there was this pirate craze inspired by the Johnny Depp movies and I can recall my sons and nephews being enamored by the Jolly Roger.  I came across this plastic skull mixed among the driftwood and after taking its picture…picked it up and dropped it into my collecting bag.

There’s a nice patina forming on this Tasmanian Devil character head.  The use of popular cartoon characters to sell stuff is a tried and true marketing strategy.  I will guess that this is the screw on cap to a bottle of children’s shampoo?  I’m surprised that I found this mingled with the neutrally colored driftwood since it doesn’t possess a color that screams at you.

Honestly, I’m not sure what this is?  Yes it’s a toy, but from what cartoon series?  For now, I’m just calling it a yellow plastic “star” toy.  It’s quite small and the grains of sand speak to that.  Anyone have a guess?

I have a collection going of these small plastic figures meant for the smallest among us.  After so many years, it still disarms me somewhat to find toys meant for toddlers and babies mixed with the driftwood.  It makes me feel as though there are unsupervised kids playing by the river which in our hyper fearful times seems inexplicable.  Here’s something else…

I find many toys meant for infants such as teething rings.  This one features a leaping happy cow with colorful plastic keys.  Now all this stuff is what can be found on the surface of the driftwood.  In places the deposited wood can be several feet thick and you just know that scattered in between those layers are more potential discoveries.

I also have a penchant for photographing lost footwear.  I believe this is one of the two smallest shoes I’ve come across thus far.  I nearly saved this one for “The Shoes You Lose” collection, but couldn’t wait to post it!

This could be either some exotic blue fruit or seed pod…or potentially a prickly chew toy for your dog?  I’m leaning towards the dog toy idea.

As doll heads go…this one isn’t as frightening to me.  It’s very cheaply made and the painted blue eyes aren’t very convincing.  Over the years, I have found many, many dolls and doll parts.  Practically every time I visit the river I find a doll arm or leg.  The frequency never ceases to amaze me.  To end this post, here’s the latest image.  I found this plastic hubcap for an expensive and real truck and liked the play of light over its surface.  Seems like it should be made of metal?  Well, dear readers…where ever you go…happy finds to you!  I’ll bet you have found a few interesting items in your corner of the world?

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