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Fruit Seller

So far, everything I’ve featured on this blog was made on site at the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  I do, however, make independent art works from the same materials collected in the park.  Over the years, I have removed more than may fair share of junk off the riverbank and to my wife’s chagrin, brought it home.  I do prefer working on site, but making more conventional art objects from the same found materials comes in handy for other purposes.  I have made, exhibited, and yes, sold work through various shows and galleries.  I have also given as gifts many of these sculptures to family and friends.  And I wonder if this is true in other places as well, but I do get many requests from not for profit groups to donate items to fund raising auctions.  Among Louisville artists there is ongoing conversation as to whether this is a good practice if you are seriously interested in establishing a market value for your work.  For the most part, I don’t worry about this and feel it’s up to the individual artist to do what works best for them.  When I can, and when I have a personal connection to the organization and or believe in their mission…I’ll give them an artwork.  The above piece is such a case in point.  I call this work the “The Fruit Seller” and it’s made from 100% found materials from the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  It’s the second piece I have donated to the park to support their “Rock the Rocks” fundraiser. The sculpture from last year did pretty well in the auction.  Materials gathered and incorporated include Styrofoam, driftwood, mussel shells (the ears), various plastics, fishing bobber (nose), and walnut shell (mouth).  Of course, all the plastic fruit is from the river as is the reflectors and beaver-chewed sticks used for the legs and even the painted base was found.  If anyone is interested in learning more about the park, here is their website’s link:  www.fallsoftheohio.org  The event is scheduled to occur on August 22, at the park’s Interpretive Center.

Fruit Seller, back view

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