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I always keep a few images and ideas in the background in case I need something to post.  Since the upcoming weekend is looking like a spectacular one, I know I’ll be visiting the river.  Frequently, when I’m on site, I make more than one sculpture and this post is a case in point.  I made this figure the same day I did the “Lifeguard” piece.  The first image is of one of my collecting bags.  Believe or not, I found this flag-festooned bag out here on the river and it has come in handy.  Check out that beaver-chewed log and assorted chunks of river-polished polystyrene!

Although the figure is somewhat minimal, I like the overall image.  Those cottonwood trees really make a big difference.  I found the orange plastic toy gavel or hammer and this notion of an itinerant judge came to mind.  Perhaps he is coming to town to dish out his own brand of environmental justice?  Really, there was just so much junk along the riverbank on this day.

Here’s a detail of the figure.  This piece is composed of Styrofoam, plastic, wood, and rock.  When I was finished with him, I left him standing just where you see him in the photograph.  I’m always finding toys and I like the way they photograph in this riverine context.  Here’s part of a toy truck.

Frequently, when I see these images on my home computer…it’s easy for me to imagine that they are bigger than they really are.  I guess I never considered computers to be a form of magnifying glass, but they do seem to function in this way.  Here’s another shot I found compelling.  I like the way this object is being swallowed up by the sand.

Final image, I love the way the cottonwood trees and their arching trunks and roots present themselves along this stretch of the park.  The view through the hole is of Louisville’s skyline.  Can’t wait to see what I find next!

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mutant toy, 7/09

I tried something different the other day at the Falls.  I found the headless body of a plastic toy sheep and decided to improvise a new head for it.  The results are not much different from some of the imagery coming out of Japan.  I found a collapsing, materially fatigued yellow rubber ball and added a few acorns, polystyrene ears, and other bits of plastic and then photographed it in the riverine landscape.  My kids think it’s cute!  Here is another image of it showing the other side.

mutant toy, 7/09

I’m always finding different toys.  Some of which you can see in my Pages collections.  I recently came across two other plastic animals and here are their portraits as the river gave them to me.  I think they work with the mutant bunny as a kind of genre since they depend on non-naturalism for their effectiveness.

plastic pony, 6/09

I like that it is difficult to judge scale from these images.  They could be very large or very small.  That ambiguity has been a part of my project from the beginning.  With my other Styrofoam pieces you need to look at what else is in the picture to find clues to judge scale.  To my mind, they are all the size of life.  It’s interesting to see how the internet treats these images since that can be variable as well.  The objects get tumbled by the river, while a similar thing occurs with the images electronically.  Here is a recent plastic pony I found and a blue-eyed pink elephant too!

pink elephant toy, 5/09

Okay, you talked me into it…here is a bonus image!  This was taken during my last outing.  If the Pink Panther were one of those bog bodies found in the peat moss of northern Europe…it might look like this.  I think this was originally a large, plush toy, but the stuffing is gone now.

pink panther?, 7/09

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