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foot wear for the right foot, May 2013

Every now and then it’s good to purge stuff that has been building up over time.  With my river project, I do this by emptying out my collecting bag(s) to make way for new finds and by deleting images stored on my camera’s memory card.  I have gotten into the habit of using the memory card as another form of digital storage just in case something bad happens to all the other places I store data.  In this post, I will feature favorite images of plastic flotsam and jetsam I have gathered at the river’s edge the past two months.  I will start with the image with the flip-flops and Croc-like shoes.  These are tiny to small kids’ sizes.  A few weeks a go, I picked up eight of them along a favorite walk and realized once I reached my outdoor studio that they were all meant for the right foot!  I have since added a few extras, but the initial shock of realizing there were no left shoes remains.  I wonder if subconsciously I selected for right-footedness?  Anyway, here is a still life photo portfolio of other plastic river junk toys.

unknown plastic character head, May 2013

"Scully" head from "Monsters Inc", May 2013

"Ken?" doll head and walnut, May 2013

plastic character head with fabric hair, May 2013

hollow plastic rabbit head novelty, May 2013

plastic squirrel bottle?, April 2013

green plastic alligator bottle, May 2013

old plastic dressed kitten toy, April 2013

plastic animal lidded box,  April 2013

two dog toys, May 2013

plastic dart gun, May 2013

ray gun-style water pistol, May 2013

broken plastic claw hammer, May 2013

hollow plastic toy telephone handset, May 2013

One last item and while it is not made of plastic…is nevertheless memorable.

tiny aerosol can of fart spray, April 2013

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