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Here are a few recent images illustrating the state of disorder as seen at the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  Let’s begin with…

abandoned atv w/figure, 3/09


This was once an expensive battery powered car for some lucky child and now its garbage.  I can imagine this dynamically going over the dam only to come to rest lodged in this willow tree.  I couldn’t resist adding the Styrofoam driver.  On Earth Day, I checked on this “piece”.  The car was still there, but the driver disappeared…a partial victory of sorts.


full size and mini gas containers, 4/09I come across and photograph enough of these gasoline containers that they form a subcategory of objects that I pay attention to.  Gasoline is such a sign of the times that it seems particularly relevant.  Where do these containers come from?  I have never found one that still had gas in it.  Because plastic is made from petroleum, as is gasoline, does putting gas into these containers become a redundant act?

plastic dump truck/4/09


Another vehicle this time a plastic toy truck.  No longer fueling a child’s imagination this object awaits being picked up, washed away, or buried into the sand.Trash midden, 3/09

 Exhaustion sets in and the wheels have come off.  Provided there will be archeology in the future, how would you like to render and interpret the artifacts in this context?

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