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Thirsty for Green, 2009

Using two very eroded pieces of Styrofoam, driftwood, hickory and walnuts, and plastic I created this figure in a cache of plastic green bottles.  Just another example of conspicuous consumption found in the context of nature. 

Thirsty for Green, side view

Here’s a side view.  The sad part is this wasn’t all the plastic bottles (much less the green ones) found in the immediate area of this figure.  Yes, there are river clean-ups several times a year, but with normal high water “fresh” material is deposited.  You just can’t get it all.   People please dispose of your garbage properly!

Thirsty for Green, alternate view

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This blog is about a special place where time and space are compressed to form a unique window into the history of life.  Since 2003 I have designated myself as the unofficial artist in residence at the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Clarksville, Indiana.  My home is just across the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky.  For many years now, I have used this park as my source for art materials, as a studio, and as my primary exhibition space.  I work with found objects that all have been carried along by the river and have been deposited by high water and flooding in the park.  I arrive on the scene with a collecting bag, pocket knife, and a camera and I record what I make and experience here.  What I do I think as being a species of public art and I hope I capture a bit of the spirit of this place.  As an artist, I do think there is an ecological imperative that art can help address.  Through images, objects, and words I look forward to sharing my project with you.

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